Worm Wheel & Worm

Worm Wheel & Worm Application

The worm wheel and worm are widely used in motor reducers, lifting systems such as elevators, escalators, low-speed table indexing plates of working machines, radars, etc. which need to be made in strictly manufacturing conditions.

  • General transmission
  • Special transmission
  • Table indexing plate

Worm Wheel Set Type

The worm wheel set can be simply divided into the following categories, by appearance can be divided into cylindrical worm wheelset and hourglass worm wheelset; by a worm, flank can be divide into according to GB standard, there are ZA、ZN、ZK and ZI; by raw material can be divide into steel worm + bronze worm wheel, worm and worm wheel are all made from steel or forging (this type is not high speed but low cost), steel worm + plastic worm wheel (suitable small system or low load product), and worm and worm wheel are all made from plastic (suitable mini system and minor load product).

  • The advantage of choosing Worm wheel and Worm

  • Various Ratios design
  • Working stably and less noise
  • Structure simple and less space required
  • Self-locking
  • Extensive apply to big transmission drive facilities, gearbox reducer, and stairlift
  • OEM Worm Wheel Manufacturers

While making a worm wheel set many places to be aware such as using high-quality raw materials with no defects, manufacturing grade of datum face, tool design, and tool grades, meshing results are all very important for making a high-quality worm wheel set.

Orris as one of the leading worm wheel suppliers, our worm wheelset can be produced according to the quantity and price of the customer's development, our worm wheel is manufactured from hobbing tool, we have a series of Mn/DP standard hobs and also could design and make customized be-spoke hobbing tools; the worm is made from different processes such as rolling cutting, general blade cut, and even plunge grinding, Orris worm wheel manufacturers could make a various range of customers require, but will use the high quality of rolling cutting as the main process.

The testing life of a worm wheel set development is quite long, Orris can make/design samples as well as tool design, gear data for customer’s test flexibly, this is the best advantage of choosing Orris Drive as your worm wheel suppliers!

  • Worm Wheel & Worm Materials


Stainless Steel


Powder Metallurgy
  • Worm Wheel & Worm Manufacturing Range
  • Worm Cutting:Module M0.25 ~ M12
  • Worm Grinding(with robotic arm):
  • Max. Outer Diameter : 400 mm
  • Max. Length : 750 mm
  • Worm Wheel :
  • Max. Outer Diameter : 300 mm
  • Max Module M7


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