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Orris Drive is one of the professional transmission gear manufacturers who is good at gearbox and motor in Taichung, Taiwan. With over 20 years of OEM/ODM gears and custom worm gears, Orris Drive has exported our products to Europe since we established in 1998, and seen as top custom gears manufacturer worldwide.

We offer products with high quality and competitive price to make profits for our customers.

Our main products are OEM/ODM gear, worm, worm wheel, pinion, the shaft of motors, transmission part, peripheral parts for the gearbox. Besides, we are not only transmission gear manufacturers but also aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers, and also offer precision CNC machining services if customers need them.

We use the  KLINGELNBERG P26 precision measuring center to inspect gears which could prove all production parts are strictly controlled.

With precision instruments and a computer-aided production process, and a quality department that makes efforts in quality control, Orris as transmission gear suppliers always offers the best products to our customers.

Furthermore, we use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to fasten the procedures of orders and deliveries. Orris Drive worm wheel suppliers keep our faith in High Quality and flexible delivery which could always provide our customers with excellent competitiveness in the market.

As your reliable transmission gear manufacturers, please contact us by phone or email for more information, and we will respond to all the information you need as soon as possible. Orris Drive is confident to offer lots of profits and high efficiency of comprehensive service.


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