Gear & Pinion

The raw material of pinion gear comes from casting, forging, powder metallurgy, plastic injection molding, EDM, etc. In addition, speaking of gear processing includes gear hobbing, milling, shaping, and broaching; finish machining includes grinding, honing, skiving, and grinding.

Pinion gear design, manufacturing, testing, as well as sales and purchases are all related to gear accuracy standards. Orris pinion gear suppliers provide professional OEM/ODM service, according to the pinion gear dimension, outlook, material, grade requirements, heat treatment, quantity, processing efficiency, and target price, then determine the production plan of the developed gears.

Furthermore, we can also assist customers in improving designs. We also provide professional pinion gear data calculations that shorten the development timeline, improve development efficiency, and become the best pinion manufacturers of customers. If you need custom made gears, just contact Orris!

  • Gear & Pinion Types

Orris provides pinion gear types include:

Spur Gears Types: steel spur gears, aluminum spur gears, plastic spur gears, stainless steel spur gears, bronze spur gears.

Helical Gears Types: steel helical gears, aluminum helical gears, plastic helical gears, stainless steel helical gears, bronze helical gears.

Bevel Fears Types: steel bevel gears, aluminum bevel gears, plastic bevel gears, stainless steel bevel gears, bronze bevel gears.

  • Gear & Pinion Materials


Stainless Steel


Powder Metallurgy
  • Gear & Pinion Manufacturing Rangee
  • Module:M0.15 ~ M8
  • Max. Outer Diameter:400 mm
  • Max. Length:600 mm


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