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ORRIS Custom Gears Manufacturer : Always Offer Ideal Custom Made Gears for You
Anything you see in life that will "turning" has the concept of gear design. You can find from small places - the micro gears that rotate the seconds, minutes, and hours in traditional watches; in life applications, a gear turning your curtains system in house or bicycle gears in outdoor activity; in special applications, a gear transmission drive of elevators, stairlift, ATC system set on large Machines... Etc., gear applications are ubiquitous. As a professional custom gears manufacturer, Orris Drive specializes in manufacturing, designing, and developing custom made gears for customers, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality, the most competitive price, and the best market competition. With more than 20 years of experience, Orris worm gear manufacturers have led a group of professional design and development teams that can provide customers with various solutions like custom made gears. Choosing us as your ideal custom gears manufacturer will greatly reduce the time-consuming development of products. The following is our main OEM product introduction. If you still have other product inquiries, please free feel to contact transmission gear manufacturers-Orris Drive at +886-4-25855657 or email sales@orrisdrive.com.tw


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